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Rafal (who is 14 in 2021), Rafal is fluent in English and Polish and often travels to Poland with his family. He is a Singer/Songwriter who likes to play the Trumpet, Keyboards, GarageBand on his iPhone, he is an Award-Winning painter/artist, and also loves to Ski, Snowboard, play Soccer & go Skateboarding! He met Prof. David Musial at the pipe organ in front of a church with his grandpa, and he later asked David to teach his grandson more about music & music technology. He officially entered the unique MusicTech Kids® Program at age 10. Rafal has enjoyed lots of lessons where he learned the basics about lyric writing, note matching to syllables and how to sing fun melodies to match. He has co-composed many songs and has recorded a few which have then evolved into music videos too! Rafal has performed as a "Royal Bubble Pop" for the amazing "Bubble Queen". In 2018 this program enabled an invitation for him to create and submit a video audition to perform in Madison Square Garden for NY Knicks Basketball Game Half-Time shows for as many as 22,000 people!




April 17, 2019 Rafal Wolosz to perform his song the Biggest Dyngus Day Parade in the World!
Spring 2018 Rafal Wolosz is featured on songs 3 & 5 on MusicTech Kids® Volume 3